Péchy Residence

Lovecky dom


The parlors and the guest rooms of the Hunting Lodge provide a private atmosphere – it feels like home staying in the gracious rooms filled with rustic elegance. The interiors display the impression of tranquility and composure of the former lifestyle of the gentry. The Hunting Lodge has six guest rooms, all with private bathrooms. There are three parlors with fireplaces, libraries and music, an elegant dining-room, a wine-cellar, a sauna, a large kitchen, and sunny terraces. The unique interiors are equipped with massive wooden furniture: made by local craftsmen and designed by the owner.



The Manor House built in the 18th century is one of the most original estates in present time: candles and crystal chandeliers, antique furniture, dance hall, Japanese parlor, fireplace, bar and large mirrors placed in decorative iron frames well combined with the walls of natural stone and bricks create the unique atmosphere. The parlors with perfect acoustics are ideal for a variety of music events and concerts.



The former Gardener’s House, now reconstructed as a Clubhouse, offers a private wellness atmosphere with fireplace, sauna and fitness for the purpose of body and soul regeneration. The attic of the Clubhouse is used as a conference room for up to 40 guests, for family events or business meetings. The area is accessible for disabled as well. Its terrace with barbecue area welcomes up to 70 guests.

party stan


Our elegant marquee in the middle of the park is a magnificent place to organize your romantic wedding “under the sky” for up to 150 guests. The cozy atmosphere is made by white baldachin, hand-made embossed chandeliers, round tables, white catering service and a large dance floor. In case of a cold weather, our party tent is equipped with professional heaters.

anglicky park


In the Park, guests choose from a selection of activities ranging from tennis, boccia, croquet, relaxation in the sun and reading or strolling on the gravelled paths that lead to quiet corners and different terraces. A regal 200-year-old copper beech tree rises in the middle of the property, the ancient orchard with cherry-, apple-, pear- and nut trees calls for fruit-picking. Wisteria is climbing up the pergola, weeping willows are framing the brook, maple-, limetrees and planes provide shade and nests for the many species of birds.